Thermo-Lag 3000-SA AB

Category: Coatings
Price: 1,00 Php
UL listed: designs for many types of steel sections up to 4 hour fire ratings for both interior and exterior environments.
• Durable finish: provides a hard, durable finish resistant to normal wear.
• Thin film coating: offers an economical solution to alternative fireproofing.
• VOC compliant
• Easy repair: if damaged it can be repaired easily using material as putty.
Part A - Light Grey
Part B - Black
Mixed - Grey
Textured(*Aesthetics can be improved by trowel and back rolling.)
Thermo-Lag® 3000-SA must be applied over a compatible primer. If the steel has already been coated with an existing primer, refer to Carboline Technical Service for advice before applying Thermo-Lag® 3000-SA. Contact Carboline Technical Service for a complete list of approved primers.(*The thickness range for primers used under Thermo-Lag® 3000 must
be 3-5 mils (75-125 microns) DFT per SSPC-PA2).
Fireproofing Topcoats:
For interior conditioned space, topcoats are optional. For interior general purpose and exterior use, Carboline approved topcoats are required. Thermo-Lag® 3000-SA must be applied to the specified DFT and be fully cured before applying a topcoat. The choice of topcoat will depend on project requirements. Contact Carboline Technical Service for a complete
list of approved topcoats.
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