AT and ESD Coated Board Protection

Price: 1,00 Php

These ESD related products round out the product offering. Designed to meet the highest level of ESD protection and quality control.

Appearance: AT – clear film (can provide custom tints as well) ESD Coated Board – 1 or 2 sided ESD black coating

Style: AT - Bags, Shrouds, Film // ESD Coated Board – coated chip, coated paper, coated corrugated

Expected ESD Protection Term: ESD Board is permanent ESD protection, AT provides over 10 years of extended ESD protection (essentially permanent)

Environment: Excellent; AT - #4 recyclable, ESD coated board is recyclable with standard paper and board, low carbon footprint, re-usable

Description: The AT material was co-developed with Bell Labs to provide long term ESD protection without causing contamination or corrosion. AT (LF-8900 / LF8900-C) is approved by NASA. A variation is AT-FR combining long-term corrosion protection with V-0 flame retardant for military / aerospace applications.

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