Carbomastic 15

Category: Coatings
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Generic Type: Epoxy mastic
Description: Aluminum-pigmented, low-stress, high-solids mastic with a proven field history. Carbomastic 15 was the pioneer mastic coating in a number of industrial markets and today still provides unmatched levels of barrier protection and corrosion resistance over
existing finishes and rusted or SSPC-SP2 or SP3-cleaned steel.

  • Excellent performance over minimal surface preparation of steel substrates
  • Suitable as a topcoat for most tightly adhered existing coatings
  • Excellent choice for field touch-up of zinc-rich primers and galvanized steel
  • Unique formulation with aluminum flakes provides exceptional barrier protection
  • May be applied at 35°F (2°C) when CM 15 FC's part B is utilized
  • Suitable for use under insulation on hot surfaces operating up to 300°F(150°C)
  • VOC compliant to current AIM regulations
Color: Aluminum (C901); Red (M500)
Color variations within a batch and from batch to batch may occur due to the metallic pigments and variations in application techniques and conditions. Neither product is color matched, nor will they match each other. (15 FC may have a greenish appearance.) *Red (M500) is available for use as a contrasting primer in multiple coat applications, but should always be topcoated.
Primers: Self-priming. May be applied over most tightly adhering coatings as well as inorganic zinc primers.
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