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Generic Type: Polymeric epoxy amine.

Description: Rustbond and Rustbond FC are cross-linked penetrating primer/sealers with excellent wetting properties. They are highly flexible with good chemical and solvent resistance, and accept a variety of topcoats. Recommended use as primer/sealers for marginally prepared steel and over old coatings. Their excellent wetting properties allows them to penetrate rust and discontinuities in existing coatings and provide a firm anchorage for a variety of topcoats. Their thixotropic character reduces run off, ensuring that the edges of existing coatings are encapsulted thus reducing undercutting and peeling. They may also be used as a tie-coat for coatings that exceed their “recoat window.” Consult Carboline Technical Services Department for specific recommendations.
 Universal primer and tie-coat
 Cures down to 35°F (2°C). (FC only)
 Excellent adhesion to SSPC-SP 2 prepared steel, galvanizing, aluminum, stainless steel and copper
 Low stress, highly flexible film
 Extremely high solids
 Low odor
 Contains corrosion inhibitors
 Compatible with a variety of topcoats
 User friendly brush and roller application
 VOC compliant to current AIM regulations
Color:Translucent Green (0300)
Primers: Self-priming. May be applied over most generic types of coatings.
Finish: High Gloss. Chalks rapidly in sunlight.
Topcoats: Acrylics, Alkyds, Epoxies, Polyurethanes, drying oils
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