Reactamine 760 Grey 0700

Category: Coatings
Price: 1,00 Php
Generic Type: Solvent Free Aromatic Polyurethane Hybrid

Description: Environmentally friendly, advanced hybrid technology, plural-component applied coating used as a lining for water, wastewater, manholes, penstocks, dam gates, pipelines and other aggressive immersion applications. Provides protection against
microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC) and hydrogen sulfide corrosion found in wastewater treatment service.
  • UL approved for ANSI/NSF Std. 61 potable water
  • Complies with 21 CFR 175.300 Method D, E, & G and Direct Dry Food Contact
  • Complies with Greenbook
  • Cold temperature cure
  • Fast cure and walk on time
  • Excellent barrier properties, low permeability
  • Single-coat application 60 to 125 mils
  • Bridges normal shrinkage cracks in concrete
  • True monolithic film on steel and concrete
  • Encapsulates rivets, bolts, and edges in one coat
  • Outstanding abrasion, impact and tear resistance
  • Combines polyurethane and polyurea technologies to form a hybrid polyurethane
Color: Light Tan (0200) is the only standard color that is potable water approved. Other colors available are Blue (0100), Light Blue (P100), Black (0900), Beige (S200) & Red (0500). All colors are unmatched colors.
Finish: Gloss

Steel: Self-priming
Concrete: Self-priming when concrete is dry. Use Phenoline 311, Carboguard 1340 WB, Carboguard 690 or Plasite 4503 as primer over damp concrete.
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