Carbozinc 858 DOT

Category: Coatings
Price: 1,00 Php
Generic Type: Solvent Based Organic Zinc-Rich Epoxy
Description: Low VOC organic zinc epoxy steel primer with quick cure-to-topcoat characteristics for in-shop applications and quick turnaround requirements in the field. Carbozinc 858 DOT has very good adhesion and undercutting resistance and is excellent for use as a corrosion resistant primer for a variety of applications.

  • Meets Class A slip co-efficient and creep testing criteria for use on faying surfaces
  • Meets SSPC Paint System 20
  • Low temperature cure down to 35°F (2°C)
  • Protects against undercutting corrosion
  • May be applied with standard airless or conventional spray equipment
  • VOC compliant to current AIM regulations

Color: Green (0300)

Finish: Matte

Primers: Self Priming

Topcoats: Can be topcoated with Epoxies, Polyurethanes, Acrylics and others as recommended by your Carboline sales representative.
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