Carboguard 890 Yellow 1023

Category: Coatings
Price: 1,00 Php
Generic Type Cycloaliphatic Amine Epoxy
Description Highly chemical resistant epoxy mastic coating with exceptionally versatile uses in all industrial markets. Self-priming and suitable for application over most existing coatings, and tightly adherent to rust. Serves as stand-alone system for a variety of chemical environments and is also designed for various immersion conditions.
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Surface tolerant characteristics
• Conventional and low-temperature versions
• Self-priming and primer/finish capabilities
• Very good abrasion resistance
• VOC compliant to current AIM regulations
• Suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities
Color Refer to Carboline Color Guide. Certain colors may require multiple coats for hiding. Note: The low temperature formulation will cause most colors to yellow or discolor more than normal in a short period of time.
Finish Gloss
Primers Self-priming
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