Flooring is an essential consideration in any construction or renovation project.

Although there are different flooring products that you can find in the market, not every brand can offer you the same quality in terms of its durability and slip resistance.

Grating is one of the most common options when working with areas like production floors, decks and stairways where slip-resistance is important.

Although steel grating has been first to dominate in the market, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) grating is also becoming popular because of the complex benefits it offers.

FRP is one of the leading global manufacturers of FRP products. The brand is known as the first manufacturer of corrosion resistant molded fiberglass grating panel and continues to grow its market through the innovative products and diverse applications it offers.

Corrosion and Slip Resistance Level

Corrosion and slip-resistance are two of the key benefits of FRP products.

FRP grating works even in the most demanding corrosive conditions which makes it very suitable for industrial, commercial and even recreational areas.

FRP also offers various types of slip-resistant products and solutions that work on any surface which helps promote safety and ergonomics in your work areas.

FRP vs. Steel Grating:

Dealing with corrosion can be very costly when you factor in maintenance and replacement costs. Constant replacement of your steel grating is not an economical step to take knowing that steel prices continue to fluctuate but are generally trending upwards in the market today.

Lightweight and High Strength

The lighter weight of FRP does not compromise its quality nor structural integrity. As a matter of fact, each FRP product promotes high-strength-to-weight ratio which makes it more durable than steel and aluminum.

FRP vs. Steel Grating:

On an equal volume basis, FRP only weighs 25% of the weight of steel which makes it easier and safer to install.


FRP products are a safer choice because of their non-thermal and non-electrical conductivity.

FRP vs. Steel Grating:

These properties of FRP make them more reliable than steel grating especially in areas with sensitive electronic equipment and that require a significant level of insulation for their operation.

Low Maintenance

The durability and corrosion resistant properties of FRP grating are the main reasons why it does not need higher maintenance.

FRP vs. Steel Grating:

Because of corrosion and other conditional factors, metal can become very slippery which makes it require regular maintenance in order to prolong its life and restore its appearance which adds more cost in the long run.

Decision Time

Though the initial investment may cost you a little more, FRP grating will save you money in the medium to long term because of its unparalleled quality, design and material performance qualities.

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