Power Turbines
Type of Application
Replacement of failed Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor film and oil with Static Intercept® 8mil Shrink-film.
Project Details
Original 12 months preservation pushed out to 7+ years.
Previous Problems
Corrosion and staining to surfaces during shipment from America to Australia with Volatile.
Corrosion Inhibitor film and oils.
Cost of Disposal of Volatile hazardous classed product.
Cost of Cleaning and disposal of oils.
Cost of Remanufacture of items due to corrosion during shipment America to Australia.
Revised Packaging Solution
Re-preserved in Static Intercept® 8mil Shrink-film, with 2nd layer 8mil Power-shrink (High UV Australia) protection and desiccant.
Provides flexibility to extend storage time - in this case extended from original 12 month plan.
Benefits and Improvement
No further corrosion after being preserved in Intercept over a 7+ year period.
No corrosion on cleaned surfaces after being preserved in Intercept for over 7+ Years.
Extended preservation from original 12 month preservation. UV protection.
Intercept does not require the addition or removal of oils or other volatile protection systems.
No Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) or Recycling issues with Intercept packaging.

Application Photos