Oil and Gas Air Coolers

Oil and Gas – Air coolers
Type of Application
Static Intercept® 8mil Shrink-film.
Project Details
The shrink-wrapping of 20 air coolers exchanger for road transport and 2 year outdoor storage in the UK.
Previous Problems
The air coolers would have been transported and stored outdoors, therefore heightening the possibility of corrosion.
Revised Packaging Solution
Intercept 8mil Static Intercept® shrink-film then second layer 8mil Power-shrink high UV protection with desiccant.
Benefits and Improvement
Elimination of corrosion.
Protection from aggressive acids and foreign metal contamination during transportation and storage.
UV protection.
No oil or OH&S and Recycling issues.
No application of wax or oil at sender and De-oiling or removal of wax at receivers end.

Application Photos 

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