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    RhinoEU® Encapsulated

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RhinoEU® Full-encapsulated panels are manufactured from a high density of calcium sulphate (approx. 1,650 kg/m³) non-toxic and non-combustible material. The design incorporates a unique wrap around construction which makes panel removal and replacement easily. This design provides more strength on edges.

Technical Specs
Raised Flooring Philippines - RhinoEU Encapsulated Technical Specs pix
  EU800F EU1000F EU1250F
Panel Size 600mm x 600mm 600mm x 600mm 600mm x 600mm
Panel Thickness (nominal) 29.00 mm 30.00 mm 31.00 mm
Panel Weight 17.50 kgs 18.00 kgs 18.50 kgs
System Weight (typical) 56.12 kgs 58.90 kgs 61.68 kgs
Point load 25x25mm sq 3.00 kN 4.50 kN 5.56 kN
UDL/SQM 8.00 kN 12.00 kN 14.83 kN
Ultimate load 9.00 kN 13.50 kN 16.68 kN
Raised Flooring Philippines - RhinoEU Encapsulated Features pix


2. Non-combustible

3. Impressive acoustic performance

4. Superb underfoot comfort

5. High load capacity

6. Low air leakage rate

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