RhinoCross® Triangle

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  • RhinoCross® Triangle

    RhinoCross® Triangle

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Cross low-profile floor tiles are manufactured from high quality galvanized steel formed in a triangle structure, is the primary tile used for low ceiling areas available from 40mm to 60mm height perfect for existing buildings that were not designed for traditional access floors, the galvanized steel modular tiles snap-in together very easily, and strictly for voice and data applications. This user-friendly series is readily installed and removed.

Technical Specs
Raised Flooring Philippines - Cross Triangle Technical Specs pix
  CS501 CS502
Panel Size Rt△ (21 mm) Rt△ (21 mm)
Panel Thickness (nominal) 1.50 mm 2.00 mm
Panel Weight 0.35 kgs 0.50 kgs
System Weight (typical) 18.60 kgs 23.88 kgs
Point load 25x25mm sq 3.00 kN 4.50 kN
UDL/SQM 8.00 kN 12.00 kN
Ultimate load 6.00 kN 9.00 kN
Raised Flooring Philippines - Cross Triangle Features pix

1. Easy to assemble and remove

2. Quiet, with a solid feel underfoot

3. Galvanized steel for 100% rust corrosion protection

4. 100% recyclable and eco-friendly

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