Silimper Inject

Category: Neotex
Price: 1,00 Php
Water-repellent injection cream


Impregnation system, based on silane and siloxane resins. Protects against existing rising moisture and prevents future ones. It is injected into holes drilled into the walls and spreads in depth, in the areas around the drill holes, forming a seamless water-repellent barrier.

Fields of application

Repels water and prevents the expansion of moisture in most types of walls, made out of materials such as:
  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Plaster
  • Limestone
  • Mortars
  • Natural stone


  • Protects masonry walls and facades against rising moisture, efflorescence and pollutants
  • Easy and simple to apply, without dripping and staining
  • No special pump is required in order to fill the holes
  • One-component product, ready to use
  • Exceptional ability of penetration in depth, easily spreading inside the walls
  • Offers protection against frost
  • Resistant to alkali
  • Long pot life
  • Leaves no residue, may only cause a minor discoloration of the surface
  • It may be applied without loss of material, in a single application - no waiting times are required for pumping the material (in contrast to pressure injection systems) and no refilling (in contrast to gravity-fed injection systems
  • Non-caustic, non-flammable, no VOC
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