Neotex PU Primer

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Neotex PU Primer


Polyurethane, fast setting, single component adhesion primer, for all construction surfaces

Fields of Application

  • Adhesion improvement for elastic sealing materials (e.g. Neotex PU Joint) at construction joints
  • Stabilization of old concrete surfaces (e.g. floors in interior rooms), as a preventative measure against dust creation
  • Adhesion enhancement of polyesteric and polyurethane materials on metallic surfaces

Properties & advantages

  • Very high hardness and adhesion
  • High abrasion resistance, resistance to chemical agents (alkalies diluted acids, water and many solvents)
  • Easy to apply
  • It polymerizes with the ambient humidity

Technical characteristics

  • Appearance: Transparent, glossy
  • Coverage: 4-5m2/kg for 1 layer on concrete surfaces (depending on the absorption rate of the substrate) & 7-8m2/kg on metallic surfaces
  • Touch dry: ~1 hour (25oC)
  • Recoating: ~4 hours (25oC)
  • Walkability: ~4 hours (25oC)
  • Application temperature: >12oC
  • Ambient humidity: 60-70%
  • Full hardening: 24-28 hours
  • Resistance to adhesion: >2,5N/mm2




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