Neoroof BM

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Neoroof BM


13 kg plastic containers


Hybrid waterproofing coating for mineral bitumen membranes and concrete surfaces roofs


Acrylic-polyurethane water-based waterproofing coating suitable for application above mineral bitumen membrane with gravity stone. It forms a non-penetrating against moisture film with resistance to stagnant water. It is applied without primer above mineral bitumen membranes and prevents the migration of asphalt.

Fields of application

  • Mineral bitumen membranes
  • Roofs made of concrete, cement boards, cement slurries
  • Rooftops with resistance to stagnant water
  • Air-conditioning tubes
  • New or old polyurethane waterproofing layers
  • Metallic surfaces after the application of the suitable primer


  • It delays the aging of the mineral bituminous membrane
  • Prevents the migration of asphalt
  • It reflects the solar radiation and significantly reduces the surface temperature of the bituminous membrane
  • It is easily applied and dries into a smooth film that covers capillary cracks and provides total protection against moisture.
  • It is not affected by adverse weather conditions and maintains its elasticity for temperatures from -5oC to +80oC, offering excellent impermeability to water.

Technical characteristics

  • Appearance: Viscous liquid
  • Density (EN ISO 2811-1:2011): 1,36-1,37 kg/l
  • Consumption: 1,3-1,5 kg/m2 for two coats (mineral bituminous membrane), 0,9-1,1 kg/m2 for two coats (cementitious surface)
  • Drying time (25oC): 2 – 3 hours initially
  • pH (ISO 1148): 8 – 9
  • Dry to recoat (25oC): 12 hours (low temperatures and high humidity prolong drying)
  • Service temperature: From -5oC to +80oC
  • Solids content w/w: 68%
  • Elongation: 400%
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