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25kg carton bags



High strength fibrereinforced nonshrinking cementitious mortar for repair jobs on concrete elements

Fields of Application

Repairs of damaged, cracked or broken parts of concrete elements (e.g. columns, beams, slabs, stairs, holes of hairpin bends), doors, windows (frames, bases), cracks and joints on concrete, rigid joints used for pre-cast, industrial flooring, visible reinforcements and concrete pipes

Properties & advantages

  • Shows quick and easy laying and finish
  • Excellent compatibility with concrete elements
  • High thixotropy
  • Prevents cracking attributed to non ideal curing conditions such as plastic shrinkage or vibrations (e.g. due to noise and traffic of vehicles)
  • Great resistance to chemical agents such as chlorides (defrosting salt, sea water, etc.), sulphate, acid rain, carbon dioxide
  • The addition of Revinex® improves adhesion properties of the mortar to concrete, brick and reinforcement whereas it grants enhanced waterproofing & duration

Technical characteristics

  • Mix appearance: Grey powder
  • Density: 1,95g/cm3
  • Adhesion to concrete (28 days): >4ΜPa
  • Adhesion to steel (28 days): >32ΜPa
  • Compressive strength (28 days): 55ΜPa
  • Flexural strength (28 days): 11ΜPa
  • Water per 100kg Neorep: 15-16L
  • Consumption of fresh mix: 1,65-1,74 Kg/m2/mm
  • Minimum temperature for application: +4°C
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