Neodur Polyurea S

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liphatic polyurea varnish for stone carpets

Neodur Polyurea S


Transparent aliphatic polyurea varnish, ideal for sealing stone carpets. It exhibits high mechanical strength and has long lasting resistance to UV radiation, without yellowing.

Fields of application

  • Sealing of stone carpets (e.g. from Neodur® Polyurea and quartz sand)
  • Protection of decorative cementitious screeds (micro-cement)
  • As a final protective layer on industrial floors, metallic & cementitious surfaces, especially in areas near the sea


  • Exceptional resistance to UV radiation and weather conditions. It does not turn yellow even after many years
  • Very good adhesion to numerous substrates
  • Protects the stone carpets from water absorption
  • Presents high hardness and resistance to bending, compression and abrasion
  • Exhibits good alkali resistance


Sets of 8kg in metal cans


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