Epoxol Deco

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Epoxol Deco


Sets of 10kg (resin) 17kg (filler)



Solvent-free epoxy system, suitable for the creation of self-leveling decorative floors with a granite look.

Fields of application

Epoxol® Deco can be applied on superstores, caterings, hotels or residential floors. It gives a final surface with a natural look of granite.

Properties and Advantages

Epoxol® Deco is a two-component epoxy system based on selected resins and hardeners without solvents which show great abrasion and yellowing resistance, significant strength and chemical resistance. It consists of a transparent resin (A + B) and decorative filler.

Technical Characteristics

  • Appearance: Semi-gloss
  • Consumption: (Resin: Filter-1 kg: 1,7kg): 1m2 of 2mm thickness.
  • Density: A component: 1,1 gr/cm3,
  • B component: 1,02 gr/cm3
  • Mixing ratios (weight prop.): 100A:60B
  • Curing time (25°C): 10 hours
  • Pot life (25°C): 40 minutes
  • Dry to recoating (25°C): 24 hours
  • Minimum temperature application: +12oC
  • Walkability (25°C): 24 hours
  • Total hardening: ~ 7 days
  • Abrasion resistance: 71 mg (- ASTM D 4060,
  • TABER TEST, CS 10/1000/1000)
  • Impact resistance: IR4 (EN ISO 6272)
  • Adhesion strength: ≥ 2,5 N/mm2
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