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Seamless Bridge Deck Waterproofing Under Asphalt

    Seamless Bridge Deck Waterproofing Under Asphalt

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Matacryl WPM


The Matacryl WPM system bonds with the substrate and asphalt overlay to enhance and extend bridge service life. A second bitumen-based tack coat layer may be used when required by specification or when recommended by the Manufacturer. Matacryl WPM can be used on new bridge construction, routine maintenance or bridge rehabilitation where uneven or irregular surface profiles exist.

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Key features:

  • Available in spray and manually applied grades to meet job site conditions.
  • Installs at a wide range of ambient and substrate temperatures -20 to 35 °C (-4 to 95 °F) to extend the construction season.
  • Rapid set time promotes fast installation, lower labour costs and efficient handover to next construction phase.
  • Weather resistant and ready for use 60 minutes after completion of application.
  • VOC compliant; contains no solvents.
  • Chemically inert; does not require hazmat precautions for disposal once cured.
  • No heating of resins or special application equipment required.
  • Matacryl WPM systems are only installed by authorised and approved contractors

Installation Benefits:

  • Cold applied - does not require heating equipment or conditioning
  • Manual or Spray applied - quick installation rates, no equipment for hand-applied grade
  • Chemical inert - no special requirements for disposal
  • Solvent free - VOC compliant
  • Rain resistant - rain resistant within 30 minutes of application

The System

Seamless Bridge Deck Waterproofing Under Asphalt Philippines - Matacryl WPM system

Key Projects

  • Roskilde Fjordforbindelsen Bridge, Denmark
  • Dartford Tunnel, UK
  • Welford Bridge, UK
  • Chieveley Bridge, UK
  • Ponte De Luise Bridge, Portugal
  • Pacific Highway Bridges, Australia
  • Trung Hoa Interchange Tunnel, Vietnam
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