Matacryl Ready Rep Irontec

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  • ProductsRapid Curing Flowable Concrete Repair, Ironwork Reinstatement and Re-profiling Mortar

    Rapid Curing Flowable Concrete Repair, Ironwork Reinstatement and Re-profiling Mortar

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Matacryl Ready Rep Irontec


Matacryl Ready Rep Irontec is used on infrastructure applications including surface restoration, ironwork reinstatement and anchoring or setting of steel components. 

Key features:

  • Cures in one hour or less for fast return to service of construction areas
  • Installs in extreme temperature conditions, even below freezing down to -10°C (14°F)
  • Cold-applied and requires no specialised equipment to install
  • High-friction surface capable with suitable aggregate broadcast
  • Compatible with surrounding substrates
  • Bonds to Matacryl waterproofing systems for seamless integration of repairs and full bridge deck or structure restoration
  • High compressive strength, impermeable and highly-resistant to chemicals, punctures and wear abrasion
  • Requires no curing compounds or complicated methods of other fast-set cementitious mortars

Installation Benefits:

  • Thoroughly clean and prepare the area to be restored
  • Prime with Matacryl Primer CM
  • Pour powder component into suitable mixing container; pour in liquid component
  • Mix two components together for approximately two minutes
  • Apply mortar with a trowel and finish as required by application
  • Broadcast aggregate onto wet Matacryl Ready Rep Irontec for functional, high-friction surfaces as specified by the application
  • Consult Technical Data Sheets for more detailed information and modifications to typical installations

The System

Rapid Curing Flowable Concrete RepaiMatacryl Ready Rep Irontec Philippines System

Key Projects

  • Parliament Square, London
  • Oxford Street, London
  • Gatwick Airport, London
  • Heathrow Airport, London
  • A12, Essex
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