Stonshield UTS

Category: Flooring
Manufacturer: Stonhard Philippines Authorized Supply and Installation show products
Price: 1,00 Php
Stonshield UTS is formulated specifically for the food and beverage industry using a revolutionary multi-functional urethane-urea resin. Stonshield UTS provides excellent protection against attack from chemicals such as strong oxidizing agents and organic acids while maintaining outstanding resistance to thermal shock and thermal cycling.
Note: Stonshield UTS is not recommended for exterior applications. Significant yellowing and colour change will occur due to UV
exposure. Contact Stonhard Technical Service for product recommendations for exterior applications.
Stonshield UTS is suitable for application over concrete and Stonset TG6 grout. Consult Stonhard’s Technical Service
Department for application over other substrates. Not recommended on asphalt, mastic or painted surfaces. These must
first be removed by mechanical means to expose the substrate prior to overlayment.
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