Stonchem 800

Category: Flooring
Price: 1,00 Php

Stonchem 800 is a highly cross-linked, vinyl ester lining system. Two coats of mineral composite filled coating is ideal for the coating of floors, bases, piers, walls and concrete structures. A one coat application will renew the surface of an aged lining system. The Stonchem 800 system has excellent resistance to a broad base of chemicals, including strong organic acids, caustics, solvents and moderate to strong inorganic acids.


• Secondary containment areas/tank farms

• Concrete sumps, vaults and trenches

• Pump pads and pedestals

• Storage tanks

• Neutralization pits

• Chemical storage rooms


• Excellent chemical resistance to a broad range of acids, bases

and solvents

• Mineral composite filled for low impermeability

• Factory proportioned units for easy application


Stonchem 800 is formulated to resist a variety of chemical solutions.

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