Stonchem 700

Category: Flooring
Price: 1,00 Php

Stonchem 700 is a chlorendic acid based, unsaturated polyester resin lining system. Two coats of mineral composite filled coating is ideal for the coating of bases, piers, walls and concrete structures. A one coat, 10 to 12 mil/250 to 300 microns application will renew the surface of an aged lining system. The Stonchem 700 system has excellent resistance to strong oxidizers such as concentrated nitric and chromic acids.



• Secondary containment areas

• Concrete pads and pedestals

• Process piping and equipment

• Storage tanks

• Neutralization pits

• Splash/spill areas


• Excellent chemical resistance to oxidizers such as concentrated nitric and chromic acids

• Mineral composite filled for increased impermeability

• Factory proportioned units for easy application


Stonchem 700 is formulated to resist a variety of chemical solutions.

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