Stontop UST

Category: Flooring
Price: 1,00 Php
It is comprised of:
  • Quik Primer: A two-component, penetrating, moisture tolerant, urethane primer
  • Stontop Urethane Undercoat: A two-component, free flowing, solvent free, aliphatic urethane formulation consisting of a polyaspartic resin and an aliphatic isocyanate
  • Stontop Aggregate: Stainable quartz broadcast aggregate
  • Stontop Stain: A single component, translucent waterborn stain
  • Stontop Urethane Sealer: A two-component, high performance, UV resistant, clear, solvent free, aliphatic, polyaspartic urethane sealer
Stontop UST is a seamless, decorative, color stable flooring system engineered with a textured surface for slip resistance in commercial and industrial applications. It is ideally suited for use in retail stores, lobbies, food courts, restaurants, studios, galleries, courtyards, walkways, athletic venues, museums, zoos and a wide variety of public spaces.
Stontop UST is suitable for application over properly prepared concrete that does not require renovation. In most cases, this
will be new or very smooth concrete. Not recommended over wood, brick, tile, asphalt, mastic, gypsum based products or
painted surfaces. These must first be removed by mechanical means prior to priming and overlayment.
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