Hydroelectric Power Plant Relocation 2

Hydroelectric Power turbines and poles.
Type of Application
Corrosion Intercept® Translucent.
Project Details
Hydroelectric power plant relocation of spare parts 3 year preservation road and sea transport storage Laos to China (50+ items).
Previous Problems
Corrosion, Dust, Insects contamination and pilfering.
Revised Packaging Solution
Corrosion Intercept® Translucent with desiccant, second layer M.V.T.R foil then packed into wooden crates.
Benefits and Improvement
Elimination of corrosion, Corrosion Intercept® Translucent is inspectable without losing preservation.
Protection from aggressive acids and foreign metal contamination during transportation and storage.
Corrosion Intercept® Translucent oil and solvent free worker safe no off gassing.
No application of wax or oil at sender and De-oiling or removal of wax at the receiver.
Corrosion Intercept® Translucent fully recyclable in main stream recycling.

Application Photos 

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