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Fibergrate Philippines Authorized Supply and Installation

Fibergrate PhilippinesFibergrate is the leading manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) solutions for industrial and commercial use globally and High Performance Solutions are the Philippines' sole supplier and installer of Fibergrate FRP products.

From the leading manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products, Fibergrate is recognized as a top quality FRP-based flooring for industrial and commercial use. Some of its proven brands are Fibergrate® and Chemgrate® molded grating, Safe-T-Span® pultruded grating, Moltruded® grating, Dynarail® handrail and ladder systems, and Dynaform® structural shapes.

Fibergrate materials offer resistance on fire, slip, impact, and corrosion. Other key benefits of Fibergrate are its ease of installation and low maintenance cycle.

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Contractors and architects prefer FRP over metal, wood, and concrete for many industrial and construction applications. The benefits of building with FRP:

  • FRP is 70% lighter than steel with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.

  • FRP is corrosion resistant and requires less maintenance than traditional metal, wood, and concrete products.

  • FRP is non-conductive and slip resistant, providing a safer alternative to steel and concrete.

  • We manufacture and fabricate FRP in a range of colors and shapes, giving architects options for creating compelling structures.

HPS offers the full range of FRP products including gratings, railings, ladders, stairs, plates and work platforms for the Philippines market.

In addition to Fibergrate’s standard FRP stair solutions and structural products, HPS provides products with resin formulations engineered for specific corrosion, safety and strength requirements in a variety of custom shapes and colors.


GRP Molded Grating

Manufactured using an open mold process, providing bi-directional strength and durability, and delivering years of reliable performance in even the most demanding, corrosive conditions

FRP Pultruded Grating

A ratio of 70% glass to 30% resin - providing twice the stiffness of molded grating, allowing it to span greater distances

GRP Structural Shapes FRP / Dynaform Structural Shapes

Offering a variety of Dynaform® pultruded structural profiles including channels, beams, angles, tubes, concrete embedment angles and more

FRP Handrail Dynarail/DynaRound Guardrail & Handrail Products

Offering a low maintenance, corrosion free alternative to traditional metallic railings

FRP Ladder / Dynarail Ladder Products

Providing increased safety for workers with nonconductive and slip resistant ladders

GRP Molded Stair Treads FRP / Stair Solutions

Select from a variety of slip resistant options for new construction or renovation of existing stairways

GRP Plate / Fiberglass Plate

Solid surface slip-resistant flooring

Fiberglass Stoll / Work Platforms

Increased ergonomic and safety benefits for workers while providing optimum height positioning

GRP Grating Pedestal /Accessories / Complementary Products

Complementary products and accessories to accompany our full line of FRP products

Metering Pump Stands

Utilizing our fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) molded gratings, Fiberplate® solid FRP Plate and Dynaform® structural shapes, Fibergrate® is now offers floor and wall mounted pump stands/tables.

DynaRound RG Roof Guard

Rooftop Safety Products

High Performance Solutions is the exclusive distributor and installer of Fibergrate products in the Philippines.

Fibergrate Philippines Authorized Supply and Installation

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