Intercept Anti-Corrosion Packaging: Quality Assurance Without Compromising the Protection

The Chemistry behind Intercept

The Chemistry behind Intercept

  • Enhance maintenance practice inspection and rotation
  • Preventive maintenance saturation indicator
  • Apply optimised systems, processes, application and reusability
  • Task: proactive / preventive / reactive

  • Identify what asset needs anti-corrosion packaging
  • Spares optimisation of critical items
  • Input where in the process anti-corrosion packaging is implemented
  • Quality assurance improvement with OH&S
  • Best practice methods
  • Functional requirements of the process

Intercept Provides Total Solutions For Short & Long-Term Corrosion Preservation

Intercept packaging meets mine site specifications allowing access for rotation of shafts, bearings and grease points. After rotations and inspections have been carried out, packing is closed and Intercept goes back to work neutralising corrosive gases. Intercept is temperature independent and worker safe with no off-gassing of solvents or chemicals.


Two Years No Preservation

Two Years with Intercept Preservation

Real Life-Long Term Mine Site Storage

The Intercept wrapped rail item pictured above has been in storage for two corrosion, no drying out or caking of the grease.

Intercept packaging safely allows for access without losing the anti-corrosion protection:

  • Inspection
  • Lifting
  • Chain down
  • Rotation

Subsea Manifold Long-Term Preservation
Long-Term Lifeboat Preservation

Subsea Manifolds & Mudmats

Subsea manifolds and mudmats are flow routing subsea equipment that connect between subsea trees and flowlines. They are used to optimize the subsea layout arrangement and reduce the quantity of risers connected to the offshore platform.

Intercept provided long term corrosion and paint protection for the manifold during long term outdoor storage while waiting to go into service.

This Intercept preservation system has been exposed to storms with wind speeds exceeding 100kph with no damage. Regular inspections are carried out by Intercept Australia and reports submitted to the customer.

Intercept Storage of Lifeboats During Swap Out

Intercept Australia provides complete preservation solutions for lifeboat storage. Utilising an interior and exterior Intercept preservation system enables the life boat to be on operational ‘standby’.

Interior: Corrosion Intercept® Foam for the engine compartments and Static Intercept® bladders with desiccants to control humidity within the vessels.

Exterior: Static Intercept® shrink-film offer long lasting UV protection also Intercept will not cause plexiglass to craze

Intercept Technology™ Automotive Oil and Solvent free Anti-Corrosion Packaging Solutions

  • No Application of Oil
  • No Removal of oil or disposal of oil at the receivers end
  • Re-usable Packaging Systems

Direct $ Saving to the Company and Environment. Simply Better Protection…

Blocks were not oiled before shipment