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NET LIMA, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines

The first certified “BERDE” project in the Philippines. Chad Oppenheim is selected to design the country’s first green building. Net Lima is just one of the three towers that are under construction at the Net Metropolis. The building features a facade that serves as sunshade and glass curtain that minimizes solar heat gain.

The Products we had used are all LEED compliant Solution such as:
1. Ronacrete – Water Proofing
a. Monoprufe WP – is a high performance cold applied cementitious waterproofing membrane. Monoprufe WP is highly elastic which can accommodate movement and cracks within the substrate.

b. Unidri Super 20 – Unidri Super 20 is a surface applied cementitious waterproofing slurry which actively seals render and concrete against the passage of water. Unidri Super 20 penetrates the concrete and combines with the alkali silicates, water and free calcium particles to form synthetic crystals.

c. Ronafix Mix A1 - is a mix design for site batched mortar incorporating Ronafix. The mix design includes 45 litres of Ronafix for each cubic meters of mortar produced. This mix design is suitable for applications such as flooring and bonding.

d. Ronafix EFC - is prepacked fairing coat which is applied as a skim coat in thicknesses up to 3mm to provide a smooth, hard finish to damaged, blemished and repaired external concrete surfaces. Ronabond EFC is also used as a smoothing mortar prior to the application of protective coatings and paints. The material is supplied in preblended form which can be mixed by hand or machine.

2. Carboline Epoxy Coating
a. Carboguard 959 - A solvent free self-leveling epoxy coating specially designed for flooring applications. Has excellent flow and wetting characteristics, it provides excellent appearance with exceptionally good adhesion to substrate.

3. Carboline Tank Lining Systems
a. Carboguard 703 - Ultra high build, airless-applied, solvent free coating for use on steel and concrete substrates. Widely used as a splash zone coating on marine installations, tank lining in petroleum services and for protection of buried pipelines. It has extremely good impact and abrasion resistance and abrasion resistance and is suitable for variety of heavy industrial applications. Approved for potable water services by WQC, UK.

4. Deckshield Carpark Systems
a. Deckshield ID - is a flexible polyuretahne car park deck coating system providing a colourful watertight, wearing for intermediate decks of multi storey and basement and other trafficable suspended floors.



Proposals for Carpets at Executive Offices and Lobbies

Flotex – Nylon Floor Covering System that is engineered for life. Straight stand-up Fibers that is Stain-resistant, LEED certified by British Allergy Foundation.

Beaulieu Commercial – LEED-certified Nylon Carpets which uses 85% post-consumer material for its tile backing and has Puralex odor neutralizer feature which removes stale odor in a room by breaking down airborne pollutants.

Karndean - Manufacturer of luxury vinyl flooring. Realistic wood tones, textures and grains offers enviable quality.



Proposals for Kitchens and Restrooms

Flowcrete - A Hygenic, seamless and functional polyurethane flooring system.

Stonhard - A U.S. Green Building certified epoxy mortar flooring system for Commercial and Industrial flooring application.


Newly Acquired Project - Net Lima Building

Net Lima Building Construction



Application of Unidri Super 20


Applied Monoprufe WP at Genset Area (genset pads)



  • Rhino

    Rhino is a German-engineered access or “elevated” flooring system that is ideal to use in building projects and spaces that require under-floor air conditioning, electrical wiring and data cabling.


    Stonhard is a world leader in providing seamless floor, wall and lining solutions in different industries.


    Flotex Carpet by Forbo Flooring System is a high performance floor covering suitable for home and commercial environments.