Electronic Areas are usually installed with ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Flooring which is a term for a floorcovering that has anti-static, non-porous and conductive capabilities. These kinds of floorings control and reduce electrostatic charges for a safer working environment.

ESD floors play a crucial role in working spaces that are exposed to dangerous voltages. These floors work to prevent human body voltage and equipment damage.

High Performance Solutions, Inc.(HPS) specializes in ESD Control flooring installations for areas and facilities that require static discharge protection. Our products are equipped with the appropriate ESD and conductive properties that meets ESD standards.


  • Rhino

    Rhino is a German-engineered access or “elevated” flooring system that is ideal to use in building projects and spaces that require under-floor air conditioning, electrical wiring and data cabling.


    Stonhard is a world leader in providing seamless floor, wall and lining solutions in different industries.


    Flotex Carpet by Forbo Flooring System is a high performance floor covering suitable for home and commercial environments.